Information and Resources
to help you prepare for advocacy

One of the keys to advocacy is preparation. We make it easy for you to prepare with issue papers and briefs on some of the top issues that matter to housing and homelessness. Take a look at our latest information regarding Washington State and federal advocacy efforts. Check back again soon!

State Legislative Agenda

The Housing Alliance carefully prepares their policy priorities and legislative agendas every year. Use their agenda as a starting point for your organization to develop an advocacy plan.

2013 State Legislative Agenda

Federal Legislative Agenda

The Housing Alliance also has a set of national policy priorities. They consider what policies will have the greatest impact in Washington and where advocacy will have the most impact. The Housing Alliance also looks to national partner D.C.-based National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) for guidance.

2013 Federal Legislative Priority Issues

National Low Income Housing Coalition Policy Issues

State Legislator Profiles

Once you’re prepared on the issues, prepare yourself by learning about the legislator you’ll be talking to. These links have profiles and biographies about each legislator.

Washington State Legislature - Find Your Legislator

House Democrats of Washington State

House Republicans of Washington State

Senate Democrats of Washington State

Senate Republicans of Washington State




Short 3-minute video with funders talking about their expectations regarding board advocacy.
What is it like to testify at a public hearing? Tenants Union of Washington State board chair Bette J. Reed breaks it down for you.

Board members are powerful advocates. You’ve already made a statement that you care about this issue just by being a member of the board of your organization. You have credibility and expertise that will be listened to and respected. And you are among the thousands of board members from around the state committed to affordable housing and ending homelessness.

Explore these case studies to find out how board members have made a difference in policy and budget discussions at all levels of government:

Housing Trust Fund Case Study

McKinney Vento Act Case Study

Seattle Housing Levy Case Study

Washington Families Fund Case Study

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